Deborah Harkness

Journal Writing Facilitator - 

"As a Journal Writing Facilitator it is my privilege to hold open an empathetic space as I lead people into the discomfort of trauma, addiction, vulnerability, grief, uncertainty, loss, fear, memories…. through the teaching and practice of journaling, so that they may find their way home to their genuine self."

Gratitude Journal

Today I offer gratitude to my journaling practice for:


dragging me, kicking and screaming, from depression’s iron grip

re-igniting my thirst for knowledge

the audacity to take singing and piano lessons at 32 years young

the pure unadulterated joy of laughing at ones’ self

the curiosity that led me to Trent University and manifested into a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree

the tenacity to be the oldest one in the class for 5 years running and still find a community

the strength to undergo a gastric bypass, shed my 160 lb

security blanket, and the balance to maintain a healthy weight for the past 12 years

the enthusiasm to re-emerge into the world, and take another swing at life

the gumption to join the Writers’ Community of Durham, fancy myself a wordsmith, receive a few publishing credits and complete the Writer’s Facilitator Certificate

the intuition to follow my passions and study journal therapy at the Therapeutic Writing Institute and editing at Simon Fraser University

the fortitude to endure a 2 ½ year battle with Breast Cancer and emerge triumphant

the entrepreneurial spirit that founded

for catching me when I fail

for standing me up and dusting me off so that I may fail fantastically again

for remembering who I was before I was told who I was supposed to be

for rediscovering the genuine me.


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